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Installation & Configuration

Units can be connected together to form open plan units of any size, in any format such as a 6 bay unit – 48ft (14.5m) x 20ft (6m) or the same 6 bay unit - 40ft (12m) x 24ft (7.2m). Units can be stacked up to 3 storeys.

A wide range of colours

The units can be provided in a range of colours to suit corporate identity or Local Authority Planning conditions. The standard colours are White, Light Grey or Gentian Blue. The interior colour is white walls / ceilings with a light grey anti slip vinyl floor. Different flooring types can be provided on request.

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Windows, doors & security shutters

The windows are double glazed UPVc units and either open from side hinges and or from bottom hinges and therefore can open completely of just tilt open. Every window has ‘roll down’ metal shutters which are operated internally and provide a good security solution. The doors are furnished with 5 lever latch locks.

Light, Heating & Electricity

Each individual unit has two Fluorescent strip lights, an electric convector heater and four 13amp power outlets as standard which are supplied by an individual consumer unit. More power outlets can be supplied if required. The units can easily be furnished with Cat 5 UTP computer cabling or standard telephony and can be air conditioned on request if needed.

Units can be purchased or hired to suit most budgets.